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Nineveh and Washington D.C.

The ancient city of Nineveh and Washington D.C. are not dissimilar. Nineveh was powerful, prestigious and evil. The same is true for Washington. Nineveh had no regard for the Living God of Scripture. The same is true for Washington. Nineveh was called to repentance by the Word of God. The same is true for Washington. You might be asking where is the modern day Jonah calling for the city to repent or face destruction. The answer is that there is a voice in Washington more potent than Jonah’s. There are thousands and thousands of Bibles throughout the city and millions more throughout the land. Every leader in the city has access to one. Many even went to Sunday School! God’s […]

Authority Matters!

Oppressive. Harsh. Violently Anti-Christian. Tyrannical. All of these terms could be used to describe the Roman government at the time Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in Rome. Emperors singled out Christians for unspeakable persecution and torture. Against this background Paul’s words about authority are stunning. Given our modern attitude towards authority, one might expect Paul to be calling for non-violent, civil disobedience because of the often severe and unfair use of authority by the Roman government and her officials. But such thoughts would be wrong and offensive to God. Paul commands Christians to be subject to the ruling authorities. Look at what he says in Romans 13:1: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is […]

ISIS & Planned Parenthood – the evil among us

ISIS and Planned Parenthood demonstrate the darkness of the human heart. These two examples of evil have become familiar headlines. The problem with headlines is that they become political issues to be solved by elections. The truth is that laws, social norms, military force, education, elections, and 24/7 news coverage will not rid the earth of deeply entrenched evil. This kind of evil cannot be talked out of existence. There is only one way to defeat evil. Jesus said that the gates, or strongholds of Hell, cannot stand against his church. That’s right, the church that is so easily dismissed is the only force capable of defeating evil. Only a praying church, committed to being salt and light can throw […]

The altar of Planned Parenthood

One afternoon, many years ago, I was traveling in Germany. Alongside the road, just into the woods, a simple, beautiful church spire rose above the trees. It was a beautiful scene of an old country church in the land of Martin Luther. I took a picture to record the moment. I was getting ready to take another photo when it hit me. I had just come from touring the Dachau death camp from World War II. This idyllic scene of the church spire was less than a mile from this camp. I realized this peaceful scene was also present when thousands were being exterminated just a short distance away. I put away my camera. I remember thinking how could people […]

Sex is designed by God for Marriage

“This is where you must start in teaching your children about sex. Sex is not fundamentally a biological, physiological activity. Sexuality is a necessary aspect of God’s purpose for man to occupy and control the earth for the glory of God. (Genesis 1:26-28) All of the physiological phenomena that happens to the human body while engaging in sexual activity is expressly designed by God to remind husbands and wives that they have been called to unity, intimacy and procreation in their mission to have dominion over the earth. Sexual activity is designed for a man and a woman who are obeying God in marriage in order to bring honor to his name. The idea that sexual pleasure is designed merely […]

God’s weapons – different than ours

These are troubling days. The wicked appear to have the upper hand. But the word of God assures us that things are not as they seem. King David wrote a song that was used in worship to remind God’s people that the wicked have limits. David states that the meek shall inherit the land. Some 1,000 years later Jesus quotes these very words as he begins the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was letting his followers know that even though they would face persecution God would not abandon them or his covenant commitment to do what is right. Christians are to use the weapons of the Spirit and not of the flesh. In this case the weapon of the Spirit […]

The Supreme Court decisions and the eye of the Lord

Several significant cases will be ruled upon by the Supreme Court in the next few days. These decisions have the capacity to be unsettling and in some cases life-changing for America. The way you respond to these decisions will impact your family and your testimony for Christ. No matter what the outcome of these decisions God is still our ruler and Savior. You can rest and trust in his goodness. It is this confidence in God’s care and control that must dominate your countenance and attitude. Here are some truths to remember as these decisions are made: Congress cannot deliver us from sin and greed. The Supreme Court does not have the final authority. We are not without hope. The […]

What to tell your children about Charleston

There are troubled hearts in Charleston, South Carolina, not to mention the troubled hearts all across the country. Once again, what appeared to be safe, was not. The time of the Fall can only disguise it’s ugliness for a season. The enemy of our souls is engaged in non-stop attempts to make us think that this world is good and has all that we really need. Then this myth is shattered by an event like Charleston. Not even churches are safe. This reminds us that the world is not all it is promised to be. However, Satan’s deception does not end when tragic events occur. He is also a master of offering solutions based on human philosophy and traditions. He […]

God, rain and California

A lot can be known about about people by finding out who they turn to for help. California faces a severe lack of water. Attempts at regulation and conservation have not helped. The one thing that would make a difference, more rain, is acknowledged, but the one who provides the rain is ignored. In the book of James, the author talks about the power of faith. He mentions Elijah and how God had withheld rain from a faithless Israel for three and a half years because of his prayers. Elijah understood how things work – God is in control of the rain and everything else that matters on planet earth. It is an antiquated notion that dependence upon God is […]

The day after, the day before

Think about Saturday, the day after the crucifixion. This day was different. The trial, the crowds, the drama of Christ upon the cross was past. The disciples were overwhelmed. Judas was gone. The eleven and those close to them had spent three years with the most powerful person in all of human history. Try as they might they could not anticipate his next move or deed. Now, his striking presence was gone. It appeared their hopes and dreams had evaporated before their eyes. The Roman leaders were most likely relieved that this whole mess was behind them. But there was the Centurion who knew that a great wrong had been done. And, of course, there was Pilate, perhaps still washing […]