Contentment is being satisfied because God is working everything together for my good and for his glory.

Being content is only possible if you serve a big God. A God who is big enough to love you because of his commitment to you, a God who knows all that is wrong with you and has bought back your life from the pit. Only God can make contentment possible. Only this God can give you the peace you need to be content as you bring the gospel to your children.

Pray the prayer below. Teach it to your children. Teach it to yourself!

You and I need this every bit as much as our kids do! If you perceive you are getting stressed over their performance, or lack of performance, seek God for contentment. Be satisfied that your God is working all things out for your good and and his glory!

A prayer for contentment:

Father, you give me everything I need, and you have given me what I need most – forgiveness for my sin. Please help me to be content. Sometimes I struggle with being angry and feeling sorry for myself when I don’t get what I want. Please help me to be satisfied with your love and to rest in your perfect care. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

From Get Wisdom! by Ruth Younts

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