Your Middle Schooler Lied

Everyday TalkJesus died for you. He was resurrected for you. He gave you life. He gave you the opportunity to tell your kids how special he is to you. Jesus made a commitment to you. It’s personal!

Do your kids know how special he is to you?

Here is a way to let them know. You have caught your middle school child in a lie. You have confronted him with his lie and he has admitted it. Then you tell your child something like this:

“Justin, I know what it is like to lie. When mommy was a little girl, I used to lie when I didn’t want to get in trouble. As a matter of fact, I lied all the time until God saved me as a young woman and I became a Christian.”

“Wait, Mom, you used to lie???”

“Yes, sweetheart, I did. And you know what? Sometimes I am still tempted to lie. I understand how awful lying is. But Jesus died for my lies and my other sins. He took my punishment, and he made me a new person. He made it possible for me not to lie anymore.”

“Mom, sometimes it’s really hard to tell the truth. Sometimes I don’t want to.”

“I know, Justin. No one naturally wants to love and obey God. That is why Jesus’ love for me was so special. He knew all about my lies. He died for me so that I would not have to lie anymore. Like you, I lied because I didn’t want to get in trouble.  He knew how afraid I was. He knows what you are like inside as well. He knows all about why you want to lie. If you trust him he can free you from wanting to lie, just like he did for me.”

“But Mom, you said that sometimes you still want to lie. If Jesus died for your lies then why do you still want to sometimes? Does he get mad at you when you think about lying?”

“Justin, that is a great question. Jesus knows that as long as we are here on earth we will be tempted to lie. He is able to help you and me when we want to lie because he knows exactly what that temptation is like. And here is the most wonderful part. When Jesus died for my lies he took the punishment for all the lies I ever told and all the lies I ever will tell. He loved me so much that he freed me from having to lie. So even when I am tempted, and even when I am not truthful, he loves me and paid the price for my lying.”

“Mom, I thought you were going to be really mad at me. Wow. Thank you for helping me.”

“That is why Jesus is special and personal to me. He can be this special and personal to you if you trust him and ask for his forgiveness for your lies, and all your sins. We will talk more. I love you, Justin!”

Don’t be satisfied to merely stop bad behavior like lying. You can relate personally to all of your children’s sins. Let them know this and let them know what Jesus did for you.

Let them know that the resurrection is personal.

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