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Sexual sin is of no consequence in America

Yesterday, April 29th, Jameis Winston was suspended from the FSU Baseball team because he allegedly shoplifted $32.72 worth of groceries from a Publix in Tallahassee, Florida. This is the same Jameis Winston who is the quarterback of the national champion FSU football team. This is the same man who freely admitted that he had consensual sex with another FSU student while two of his friends watched the encounter.    Even though there are serious questions about how the investigation of this event was handled by authorities, Winston was found not to have committed a crime. Therefore, no suspension for the Heisman Trophy winner. Why? Because there is no stigma associated with what the Bible clearly calls sexual immorality. Apparently this […]

Preparing for war

Should you prepare your children for war? The short answer is yes.  War is brutal, ugly, devastating. Yet, war continues to be a primary means of settling human disputes, public or private. The reason is obvious if you have a biblical view of man.  All humans are born as Satan’s allies at war with God (Eph. 2:1-3). For Christians, who have been changed by the grace of God, this war then shifts as a battle between the flesh and the Spirit (Gal. 5).  Governments are made of people. Everyone who is in a position of leadership is also someone involved in war. They are at war with themselves, they are at war with God and their fellow man.  Even countries […]

Introductory Sale! Shepherd Press titles available for 99 cents each in Vyrso!

Vyrso: A new way to read Shepherd Press books! Logos has just made over 30 Shepherd Press titles available in their Vyrso format for ebooks. Vyrso will change the way you read, study and enjoy ebooks! Here are just some key features available in Vyrso: Linked Bible references When you tap a Bible reference on your device, Vyrso pulls up the verse text in your preferred Bible translation. This is a wonderful timesaver, allowing you to read the Bible along with your favorite Shepherd Press ebooks. Never before have personal Bible study and leisure reading been so easy! Highlighting & Notes Mark and take notes in your ebooks! Vyrso includes highlighting, so you can mark the words that speak loudest […]

From the Good Mood Bad Mood blog by Shepherd Press Author Dr. Charles Hodges

Over Medication: Sleeping ourselves to Death. Research this week has shown us once more that we can do lots of things with medication. We can calm shaky nerves,make the sleepless slumber, and banish chronic pain. We do these with medications such as Ativan, Ambien, and Hydrocodone and they do work. Unfortunately, we are finding that this does not come without cost. Click here to read the rest of the post.      

Noah and Unstoppable

In the newly released film, Noah, director Darren Aronofsky provides his view of the epic biblical account of evil and the flood. The film opens amidst considerable controversy.  However, even Russell Crowe, who plays Noah in the movie, says the film is a great conversation starter about faith. For Christians, the movie provides an excellent opportunity to talk about issues of evil, judgment and redemption. But how do we begin to have those conversations? We can be thankful that the producers of Noah are not the only filmmakers to offer a perspective on this powerful biblical narrative. Actually, Kirk Cameron got there first. Last year, Cameron released Unstoppable, a film that addresses the impact of evil in our world. But […]

The New Cosmos – an animated rant against God

Fox and National Geographic Channels have combined to create a remake of the old Carl Sagan TV series, “Cosmos.” This new series is anything but fair and balanced. The writers of the new Cosmos make it clear they believe there is no explanation, other than evolution and random chance, for the origins of life and the universe. They are certainly free to think that way. However, the new Cosmos is not just promoting a particular view of science. The show is actively targeting and mocking Christians and any belief other than theirs. The first program specifically went after various Christian beliefs as well as going after the Catholic church with derogatory, condescending comments. The second show portrayed the tree of evolution […]

Uncertainty & God’s control: A missing plane, an ambitious Russian & more

Where is Malaysian Airlines flight MH370? Will Russian President Vladimir Putin order the take over of all Ukraine? Will the health care debate be resolved? Will things stabilize in the Middle East? The world has once again stumbled into uncertainty.  The 24/7 news media is all abuzz with speculation and differing scenarios from expert and not so expert pundits. How does God fit it into all of this? Well, he does much more than fit it in. He is Lord of all of it.  Paul says that in Christ: “…all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before […]

The Super Bowl: revealing the heart of our culture

Whether you watch the Super Bowl or not the game is important to you as a Christian parent. This annual spectacle tells you a great deal about the world your children will inhabit. Proverbs 7 shows a father looking out his window at the culture around him. This father used the view from his window to instruct his son about the dangers of life. The window of your television affords you the same opportunity and obligation. In addition to the game you can learn much about our culture from the commercials. These commercials cost 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot, and that does not include the production costs. The companies who sponsor these commercials spend a considerable amount […]

Whew, it is not assault, it is only lust – no problem!

You may have read that the quarterback for the number one ranked college football team and a leading candidate for the famed Heisman Trophy was a person of interest in a possible sexual assault case. The Florida State Attorney’s office had to determine if there was a reason to bring charges of sexual assault against the quarterback. The female in the case claimed assault. The young man said that there was sexual activity but that it was consensual. On Thursday, December, 5, the States Attorney determined that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against the quarterback, so the case was dropped. So the hunt for the National Championship is still on and the Heisman Trophy is within reach. […]

California: new law says kids can have 3 or more legal parents.

Once again God’s direction for the family has been tossed aside by “enlightened” state legislators.    The Los Angeles Times internet edition on October 4th, ran a story about a bill signed by Governor Brown to allow for children to have more than two or more legal parents.    Here is the headline and sub-headline as it appeared online:   “Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents   The bill — similar to one the governor vetoed last year — had been opposed as an attack on traditional family; proponents argued that the changing family structure needs to be addressed.”   The Times article goes on to say:   “The law will allow the courts to […]