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Uncertainty & God’s control: A missing plane, an ambitious Russian & more

Where is Malaysian Airlines flight MH370? Will Russian President Vladimir Putin order the take over of all Ukraine? Will the health care debate be resolved? Will things stabilize in the Middle East? The world has once again stumbled into uncertainty.  The 24/7 news media is all abuzz with speculation and differing scenarios from expert and not so expert pundits. How does God fit it into all of this? Well, he does much more than fit it in. He is Lord of all of it.  Paul says that in Christ: “…all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before […]

The Super Bowl: revealing the heart of our culture

Whether you watch the Super Bowl or not the game is important to you as a Christian parent. This annual spectacle tells you a great deal about the world your children will inhabit. Proverbs 7 shows a father looking out his window at the culture around him. This father used the view from his window to instruct his son about the dangers of life. The window of your television affords you the same opportunity and obligation. In addition to the game you can learn much about our culture from the commercials. These commercials cost 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot, and that does not include the production costs. The companies who sponsor these commercials spend a considerable amount […]

Whew, it is not assault, it is only lust – no problem!

You may have read that the quarterback for the number one ranked college football team and a leading candidate for the famed Heisman Trophy was a person of interest in a possible sexual assault case. The Florida State Attorney’s office had to determine if there was a reason to bring charges of sexual assault against the quarterback. The female in the case claimed assault. The young man said that there was sexual activity but that it was consensual. On Thursday, December, 5, the States Attorney determined that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against the quarterback, so the case was dropped. So the hunt for the National Championship is still on and the Heisman Trophy is within reach. […]

California: new law says kids can have 3 or more legal parents.

Once again God’s direction for the family has been tossed aside by “enlightened” state legislators.    The Los Angeles Times internet edition on October 4th, ran a story about a bill signed by Governor Brown to allow for children to have more than two or more legal parents.    Here is the headline and sub-headline as it appeared online:   “Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents   The bill — similar to one the governor vetoed last year — had been opposed as an attack on traditional family; proponents argued that the changing family structure needs to be addressed.”   The Times article goes on to say:   “The law will allow the courts to […]

Unlike the government God never shuts down

Leaders come and go. Governments also come and go. And sometimes, even when a government is still in place, it may decide to shut down for a time. Be thankful that the Lord of heaven and earth never sleeps, never shuts down, never ceases to care for his people.    While our elected officials struggle to govern and appear to search for a way forward, God still maintains his sovereign control over not only our country, but the far reaches of the Universe as well.  God’s commitments are sure and are not influenced by public opinion or elections. Truly this is something to be thankful for as Washington tries to find its way. This is something you can share with […]

Adam, 9/11, and Safety

September 11 is here again. The events of this day twelve years ago have changed the way that we live our lives. We now live with feelings of vulnerability that were not present before 9/11/2001. At least, this is true for most Americans.  What was already true for many countries on Earth spread to America that day. Twenty men with simple, low tech weapons took control of four airliners and introduced modern America to mass murder and destruction on our own soil. The question asked again and again is why. The answer lies far beyond the ethnic and religious issues that were the immediate cause of the September tragedies. The larger question is this: what is it in the human […]

The news media – out of touch with reality

In our news media the idea that Christianity, or specifically, the God of the Bible, has any impact on current events is seen as a myth.  If you consider the reporting of news events in the same way that the news commentators do (either consciously or unconsciously) you will have a distorted view of reality. You will be lulled into assuming that God is like us, just a spectator to the unfolding of human events. However, it is this flawed assumption that is the real myth. Acts 17:24-27 teaches that God is deeply involved in the events of all of human history, including current events:   24 “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord […]

Syria, Politics, and the Lord’s Day

Our God keeps his own counsel. Therefore, it is not wise to predict what God might or might do in a particular political situation.  There are, however, biblical principles that bear directly on any government. If a leader or elected official chooses to ignore them, they do so at their own peril.    The Lord’s Day has to do with the glory of God. Thus, it is a fitting time to consider three of these principles.    The first two are found in Daniel chapter 2.    Here is the first: The Holy Spirit leaves no doubt about who controls the world’s political scene. It is the God of the Bible.    The second principle is that if anyone seeks […]

Ninety-nine years ago.

In the summer of 1914 the Archduke of Austro-Hungary was assassinated in Bosnia by a Serbian nationalist.  This one action set in motion a series of events which culminated in the first World War.  A new era in human history had begun. The events in one corner of the globe would spread to involve all of Earth’s nations in one way or an another.   One reality that has become apparent in these last ninety-nine years is that intentions seldom match outcomes. It is unsettling to realize that what happens in places far removed from where we worship, live, and work can radically alter our lives and the lives of those whom we love. Those attacked or threatened with attack […]

The violence of class warfare, civil unrest, and the heart

The heart is what drives us. Author Tedd Tripp has had a huge impact on how to raise children by stressing the importance of the heart. This quote is typical of Tripp’s insight: “Evil thoughts, theft, malice, lewdness, arrogance, and folly; we see it all in our children from time to time. We ask one another, “Where does he get this stuff from?” The Bible tells us it comes from the heart.” This truth applies to more than raising children. Others have also understood role of the heart. The heart is the most powerful of all human weapons. Class warfare is driven by the heart. History has shown that class warfare cannot be controlled by laws or even armies. The […]