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Gentleness is grace and power

Gentleness is God’s answer to conflict. Gentleness is the quality you need to present God’s truth fairly, accurately and effectively to your children. Gentleness is part of the Holy Spirit’s fruit which stands in direct contrast to the works of the flesh. In Proverbs, gentleness turns aside wrath. Paul tells Timothy to instruct his opponents with gentleness. James describes being gentle as displaying wisdom from above. Jesus describes himself as gentle and humble of heart. These are five robust examples of the power of gentleness Gentleness stands against the deeds of the flesh. Gentleness turns aside wrath. Gentleness instructs those who oppose you. Gentleness demonstrates wisdom from above. Gentleness describes the heart of Christ. Gentleness is an underused tool in […]

A Time To Pray For Repentance And Mercy

God commands that you and I pray for our land and for our leaders. Specifically, we are to pray for hearts to turn in repentance to God and also to cry out for God’s mercy to fall upon a land which would have him not. It is far too easy to complain and to grumble. It is the simple way out just to be unhappy with lifestyles that scorn God’s laws. However, God has called us to compassion and to the mercy of gospel grace. Let us seek his great name in prayer to bring about repentance, mercy and grace to our land. Tonight there is the celebration of the Academy Awards. Tonight is a celebration against the ways of […]

Good for evil!

The Bible’s message from Genesis to Revelation is clear. Our ways are not God’s ways. Yet, phrases like: common sense, conventional wisdom, it seems to me, fight fire with fire, I’m tired of this, I’ve had enough, etc. continue to dominate the actions of many Christians, maybe even you. When you face conflict the natural response is usually one of two actions: 1. avoid the conflict, or 2. fight fire with fire. So folks either avoid conflict like the plague or jump in take things head on. But neither of these approaches are God’s way! He has a different strategy, a different command because his ways are not our ways. When confronted with evil in our personal lives God tells […]

Gentle Or Harsh, Wise Or Foolish

It is late in the day. You’re tired, no, make that exhausted. Your head is pounding. It’s time to fix dinner. At this moment that seems the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest in flip-flops and beach shorts. And at this precise moment a dispute breaks out about who has the gaming screen next. So you do the only thing that you seems possible. In a sharp, stern voice that is loud, but not quite yelling, you say: “That’s enough! I’ve had it. You want dinner? Then sit down, give me the iPad and don’t say another word until I call you for dinner. Do you understand!” At which point, one child starts whimpering, and the other one defiantly looks at […]

Tedd Tripp: Give Your Children a Glorious God

If you want your children to have a reason to sing on Sunday, give them a glorious God. If you want your children to have a reason not to sin on Monday, give them a glorious God. If you want them to think of nobler things than the latest, mind-numbing video fantasy game, give them a glorious God. If you want them to dream grander dreams than illicit sex or more money or more stuff, give them a glorious God. If you want them to have a reason for confidence when life seems to spin out of control, give them a glorious God. When friends are offering the pleasures of sin for a season, they need a glorious God. Godly […]

Parents, Where Is Your Heart?

Jesus makes a huge point of not placing too much value on the treasures of earth. Christ is not saying that these earthly treasures hold no attraction. He is not making light of the really special things that our life here has to offer. If these things didn’t have value, Christ would not have called them treasures. But what Jesus wants you to know is that the treasures of heaven far exceed the treasures earth has to offer. So how do Christ’s words apply to your children? Are you focusing on the things that will provide the treasures of earth for them, or is your heart focused on helping them to see the value of the treasures of heaven? In […]

David’s Plea To His Son

Solomon grew up in a world of sin, family drama, sexual sin, murder and political intrigue. David, his father, wanted Solomon to not be caught in the same web that had entangled him. The Holy Spirit has been gracious to us to record some of the things David said Solomon should value. David wanted Solomon to be consumed with the pursuit of wisdom. He wanted his son to emotionally, passionately embrace wisdom. He even told Solomon even if it costs you all that you have get understanding and wisdom. Would you tell your children to pursue wisdom as their most important task in life? Would you be willing to go so far out on the proverbial limb and say even […]

How’s Your Relationship?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Gifts were given. Some carefully planned and thoughtful, others, not so much. The flowers are in their vases, the chocolate has been enjoyed, the calendar has a new date. But the most important question still remains. How is your relationship? Did last night help to make it stronger? Do doubts still remain? Did the new morning bring new worries? The answers to these questions are found in the relationship that matters most – your relationship with God. Knowing and loving God gives significance to all other relationships. This morning after, one thing is certain above all others, God has not changed. He is constant. This means the content of love does not change. […]

Valentine’s Day: An Expression Of…

Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, romantic dinners — just a few of the symbols of that are expressions of the national day of love. As enjoyable as these tokens are, unless they express God’s meaning of love, they last but for the moment. Without the substance of love rooted in the truth of the Author of love, disappointment, frustration and broken dreams can be all that remains once the calendar changes to February 15th. Being human in a fallen world is a challenge. Being in human relationships only makes the challenge greater. Being “in love” is perhaps the most demanding, exhausting, consuming challenge of all. Love fueled by the sacrifice and commitment of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift one person can […]

A Cloudy Sunrise

No leaves are on the trees for a morning sun to show their breathtaking color palette. The clouds appear flat and dull without the sun’s brilliance to highlight their rich contours. There won’t be many photos this morning with comments proclaiming that the heavens are displaying the glory of God. No expressions of wow and awe. It is just another dull ordinary day. Really? No, the wonder of God’s creation is on display! How? You and I think this way when our minds are informed by what we want rather than by the beauty of God’s truth. The low lying clouds carry moisture that God uses to water his earth. Above them the sun radiates its power, as it always […]